Caged by an invisible aberrant creature

We look inwards, and beyond

We talk to ourselves and bond

To our true selves, to our righteous heart

And shredding the skins of all worldly caricature

We bow down to the wrath of Mother Nature


In this exile from all the noise and trappings

We connect, we reflect on all our longings

And speak to them all, one for each day

For, beyond these 21 days,

Lies a world for which we pray

With hope of realizations and emotions tender

We bow down to the wrath of Mother Nature


My walls, my room and my balcony

Have become a cage for my sights and thoughts

Still free from the madness and cacophony

Of greed, of desire, of lust and of never ending expectations

With hopes just limited to basics

Desire just restricted to avoiding annihilation

Greed just limited to escaping elimination

Of self, of the loves ones

The lust of life never seemed truer

We bow down to the wrath of Mother Nature


All around, an eeriness and desolation

Nothing but chirping of birds, sight of animals as consolation

And an emergency siren on a rare occasion

Dwarf our existence and position

Ridicule our ungrateful and complaining disposition

Questioning everything that was taken for granted

Making us all but pawns in the hands of the creator

We bow down to the Wrath of Mother Nature


Forgiveness is what we seek

For selfishness and intolerance

For gluttony and lack of restraint

To go beyond the sickness and disease

We get rid of all vices within and exist at ease

With the myriad forms of nature and lives

With the promises of a world saner and safer

We bow down to the wrath of Mother Nature


Beyond these lock downs and quarantines

Lies a world of hopes and realisations

Rebuilt on our fallacies and learning from failures

Till then, we bow down to the wrath of Mother Nature.


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