‘’So, has Varanasi really transformed in last 7 years?’’ This is the most common question about my city that I am asked these days from acquaintances and colleagues. (apart from, Are Kashi, Benaras and Varanasi the same cities or different?) As I cast my vote last week at the same school which I had lastContinue reading “Varanasi”


नन्हें  नन्हें  क़दमों से तुम जो ठुमक ठुमक कर चलते हो यूँ  आड़ी -टेढ़ी नज़रों से न जाने क्या खोजते हो डगमग डगमग सी चाल से तुम जब इधर उधर लहराते हो मन-मोहक सी इस अदा से तुम दिल कितनो का बहलाते हो टूटे-फूटे शब्दों में तुम जो अनर्गल ही बतियाते हो किसी भी भाषाContinue reading “अतरंगी”

City lights

The twinkling sparkling city lightsSpread around as a sea of illuminationI sit across the window trying to graspThe stories behind each little spectacleSome lost in their own chapters,Some still awaiting culminationBut most of themFlickering with the hope of salvationOf their original sparkThat got them here, propelled by dreams and pushed by fearBut mostly as unchallengedContinue reading “City lights”

एक प्यार कुछ ऐसा हो

एक प्यार  कुछ ऐसा हो जिसमे न सही होने की ज़रूरत न गलत होने की परवाह हो जो है दिल में मेरे बात वो कह दूँ खुल के बेबाक मीठे प्यार भरे शब्दों में या कभी तल्ख़ कुछ लम्हों में जिसमे न हो बराबरी न जीतने की होड़ न मन में न बाहर  से होContinue reading “एक प्यार कुछ ऐसा हो”


Major missing happening- To the PVR, Inox, Big, DT, SRS IP, JHV and all the cinemas which had filled our weekends with magic for all these years. #Throwback वो first day evening show ticket book करने की planningBook my show पर credit card offers को खोजनाFriday evening में surge pricing वाली cab की bookingऔर उसमें करनाContinue reading “Throwback”