Mumbai Diaries , the 11th!

So, it is already a year since I moved to Mumbai. The city of dreams; the city that never sleeps; the Maximum city – the cliches never get old, they just continue to get better and seem truer as you get to know the city closer, with each passing day. Though I have known itContinue reading “Mumbai Diaries , the 11th!”

The Pathaan of Bollywood

Pathaan crossing the unimaginable milestone of INR 1000 crores at the worldwide box-office is the stuff that legendary and historic comebacks are made up of; not just of SRK but that of Bollywood in general and of the sense of righteousness in the general discourse of the Indian movie industry. The 1000 crores’ club nowContinue reading “The Pathaan of Bollywood”


नन्हें  नन्हें  क़दमों से तुम जो ठुमक ठुमक कर चलते हो यूँ  आड़ी -टेढ़ी नज़रों से न जाने क्या खोजते हो डगमग डगमग सी चाल से तुम जब इधर उधर लहराते हो मन-मोहक सी इस अदा से तुम दिल कितनो का बहलाते हो टूटे-फूटे शब्दों में तुम जो अनर्गल ही बतियाते हो किसी भी भाषाContinue reading “अतरंगी”

City lights

The twinkling sparkling city lightsSpread around as a sea of illuminationI sit across the window trying to graspThe stories behind each little spectacleSome lost in their own chapters,Some still awaiting culminationBut most of themFlickering with the hope of salvationOf their original sparkThat got them here, propelled by dreams and pushed by fearBut mostly as unchallengedContinue reading “City lights”

एक प्यार कुछ ऐसा हो

एक प्यार  कुछ ऐसा हो जिसमे न सही होने की ज़रूरत न गलत होने की परवाह हो जो है दिल में मेरे बात वो कह दूँ खुल के बेबाक मीठे प्यार भरे शब्दों में या कभी तल्ख़ कुछ लम्हों में जिसमे न हो बराबरी न जीतने की होड़ न मन में न बाहर  से होContinue reading “एक प्यार कुछ ऐसा हो”