As you start discovering the joy of food, it is us more than him who beam at every bite or gulp he takes. Parenthood, an endless journey has just begun for us, and we can’t wait to take those little steps with you into each new day of it. Shephali, here is looking back atContinue reading “Motherhood”

Delhi, my friend

It’s a belief I have held for long now – cities are like people. With both, you tend to lose objectivity in your feelings and start viewing them through the lenses of experiences you have had and memories you created with them. More often than not, it starts with a sense of uncomfortable unfamiliarity, progressesContinue reading “Delhi, my friend”

Udta Punjab -Stunning, hard-hitting and an absolute high!

* * * 1/2 Alright, so this is a brilliant work by Kashyap and co, though it makes you uncomfortable and concerned about more than one cause. The problem that the movie very effectively portrays – that of drug menace in Punjab. Reading about it print is different from watching it unfold in front ofContinue reading “Udta Punjab -Stunning, hard-hitting and an absolute high!”

Tamasha : Musings of a master storyteller

* * * 1/2 Once upon a time in Bollywood, the usual enemies of love were external – parents,  goons or evil relatives, love was a solution to life’s problems, and a destination in itself. Then came people like Ayan Mukherjee, Shakun Batra, Imtiaz Ali and love became an instrument to self-discovery , and hadContinue reading “Tamasha : Musings of a master storyteller”

Dil Dhadakne Do : First world problems, solutions from the heart!

* * * In a country of modest means yet one of the largest number of millionaires, while the aspiration value of the lifestyle of the rich might be high, yet (or maybe hence) it is one of the easiest targets to make fun of. Hence a movie which deals with a dysfunctional family ofContinue reading “Dil Dhadakne Do : First world problems, solutions from the heart!”