#Boycott -2

It has been one month since the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. The incident triggered a massive outrage among people on and off social media. The outrage has resulted into the following ‘’initiatives’’ by the people who were saddened by the alleged harassment and mental trauma caused to Sushant that pushed him to takeContinue reading “#Boycott -2”


Major missing happening- To the PVR, Inox, Big, DT, SRS IP, JHV and all the cinemas which had filled our weekends with magic for all these years. #Throwback वो first day evening show ticket book करने की planningBook my show पर credit card offers को खोजनाFriday evening में surge pricing वाली cab की bookingऔर उसमें करनाContinue reading “Throwback”

Most Overrated and Underrated Bollywood movies of 2019

2019 in general has been a good year for Bollywood, with 17 movies in the 100 crores club, 1 in 300 crores club, 5 in 200 crores club and several other small budget gems scoring high on profitability. While opinions are always divided when it comes to movies, there are some that win unanimous praiseContinue reading “Most Overrated and Underrated Bollywood movies of 2019”

Udta Punjab -Stunning, hard-hitting and an absolute high!

* * * 1/2 Alright, so this is a brilliant work by Kashyap and co, though it makes you uncomfortable and concerned about more than one cause. The problem that the movie very effectively portrays – that of drug menace in Punjab. Reading about it print is different from watching it unfold in front ofContinue reading “Udta Punjab -Stunning, hard-hitting and an absolute high!”

Bajirao Mastani: A visual , artistic and royal beauty K. Asif would be proud of

* * * * Mesmerizing palaces, fountains and chandeliers, alluring classical dance numbers, royal court and pride,  shayaris and constant references to the moon and Gods, epic battle scenes and a forbidden love – if all this reminds you of Mughal-e-Azam, then come and  relish with absolute delight and almost palpable sense of pleasure, thisContinue reading “Bajirao Mastani: A visual , artistic and royal beauty K. Asif would be proud of”

Tamasha : Musings of a master storyteller

* * * 1/2 Once upon a time in Bollywood, the usual enemies of love were external – parents,  goons or evil relatives, love was a solution to life’s problems, and a destination in itself. Then came people like Ayan Mukherjee, Shakun Batra, Imtiaz Ali and love became an instrument to self-discovery , and hadContinue reading “Tamasha : Musings of a master storyteller”