First day at a new work location- the situation was in no way comforting. Hence, looking around and pinging every person possible on Whatsapp were the only options as he sat there waiting for his new boss. ‘’Hey, how come you are here? What have you been up to?’’, he looked towards the source ofContinue reading “Context”

Secret Santa

Fireplaces were all lit up; overcoats and long boots were out of the closets; the surroundings were all covered with a white cover of snow  – Christmas had arrived. The festive spirit could be seen all around,  in the decorated trees, in the glowing lanes and homes, and on all the joyful faces. The kidsContinue reading “Secret Santa”

लव आज कल

आज इतने वर्षों बाद तुम्हें देखा | बारिश की बूंदों के बीच सतरंगी इन्द्रधनुष के समान तुमने अचानक से ही मेरे दिल के रंगहीन पटल पर कितने सारे रंग बिखेर दिए थे |पर न जाने क्यूँ ..ये रंग आज कुछ अलग से लग रहे थे | जैसे घाव से बहते हुए रक्त का रंग, जैसेContinue reading “लव आज कल”