Delhi, my friend

It’s a belief I have held for long now – cities are like people. With both, you tend to lose objectivity in your feelings and start viewing them through the lenses of experiences you have had and memories you created with them. More often than not, it starts with a sense of uncomfortable unfamiliarity, progressesContinue reading “Delhi, my friend”

Country and the Countryside : Europe Diaries 3

14th September, 1030 hrs. Last station was called Ameins, and the train is breezing through the beautiful fields, forests and villages. With the comfortable seats, footrest and the wide window pane, the views outside seem like a beautiful painting. Even the villages have a self-assured air of perfection, with ordered houses in similar color andContinue reading “Country and the Countryside : Europe Diaries 3”

The International Weekend: Europe Diaries 2

G**ndu, ‘M**d*rch*d, ‘Mera l***da Ch**s’ – the beautiful girl from the International club came and said to me. It took me a moment to decipher given the accent, and all I could say was, what! She giggled. (I am starting to like it, the French giggle) It is midnight, I am sitting in the compactContinue reading “The International Weekend: Europe Diaries 2”

Foreign : First Brush (Europe Diaries I)

Once again, I am sitting on a railway station, waiting for a train. Just that this time it is not Kanpur or Delhi, but a station called Lille Flanders. Yes, it is a great feeling- just to think of my location – Lille, a small city in the Northern France, in Europe. I can almostContinue reading “Foreign : First Brush (Europe Diaries I)”