As you start discovering the joy of food, it is us more than him who beam at every bite or gulp he takes. Parenthood, an endless journey has just begun for us, and we can’t wait to take those little steps with you into each new day of it. Shephali, here is looking back at last 6 months and you growing together with our baby! On this Mother’s day, here is to your beautiful, endless journey as a mother which is off to a beautiful start.

The first month of your motherhood, I daresay, was more about you- accepting that life will never be the same and dealing the changes all around and within you- physical, mental and emotional. The special circumstances of our baby’s arrival, if anything, made it more challenging and memorable. But what is life if not for a little challenge!

The second month was about learning to realize that he was an inseparable part of you, and while learning to deal with all the challenges, loving him came as naturally to you as breathing. The extreme cold outside was beaten only by the warmth of you love towards him, and the realisation of the protective spirit that we had towards him.

As we moved into his third, it was the time of his first journey towards his home (those that he has many) and us experiencing a whole new world as parents.  By now, while your mind had erased all sense of how you lived before him – you were still learning little things about him and the new things that he did every day still made you nervous and excited at times. We had started seeing the mischief hidden in those small starry eyes.

The fourth month was more of your coming-of-age, as a new mother. You were more assured than ever of handling him, holding him, playing with him and being happy with him. Also, this was when we took our first touristy trip with him (to Khajuraho) and the delight that he was only made us more proud and happy for you and us!

The fifth month was our first festival together and his introduction to our extended family and friends. Like a proud mother, you elated and beamed every time he pulled a cute trick and mesmerized others. Like a proud creator, you wanted to show your creation to everyone and also ward the evil eye off-you. By the end of this month, I felt you had become pretty hands-on with him and your chemistry had become as reactive as it could be.

But as they say, life surprises you when you least expect it. His sixth month was marked with a global crisis that has had the world locked up inside their homes, and hence when we got to spend more than 45 days in the house- just us and him, without a single soul or help in sight, that’s when we learnt what it meant to be hands-on. Ever since he was born, you were always surrounded by people other than us who loved, cared and tended for him; but this month with just us, it has been a whole new level of learning unlearning and taking full ownership of him. As he has transformed into this cute doll with new expressions, actions, emotions everyday – along with him, you have also grown every day. Tending to him (and me!) 24 by 7 all on your own for 50 days, has not been easy, but why am I not surprised?

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