Tevar: Atrocity, not Attitude



So the right wing felt offended by pk and called for a ban. Keeping aside the violent nature of those protests, I have a similar desire each time I come across such banalities which Bollywood tries to pass off as ‘masala’, ‘paisa-vasool’ etc. My sentiments get badly hurt – those of rationality and self-respect, and often the hurt turns into an insult when some of those ‘’movies’’ actually lap a 100 crore or two. In all likelihood Tevar should not be one of those fortunate few, thanks to the absence of a certain superstar. For, the lead actor who claims to be his fan and a mixture of Rambo and Terminator other than him, certainly has miles to go before he attains those ‘superpowers’. That is not to say that he is bad. Arjun Kapoor as Pintoo Shukla is actually good. He has the right attitude, the body language and makes those never ending 80’s action sequences look somewhat believable. Also bang-on is the lecherous villain Gajender Singh, the typical UP ka neta/gunda , portrayed almost fondly by an excellent Manoj Bajpai. Sonakshi Sinha is well, there as always. But none of them are good enough to keep you hooked in your seat for a running time of 2 hours and 40 minutes. There were so many possibilities of making this an entertaining experience, given the background of city of Taj and Radha-Krishna, but all are conveniently forgotten and the monument of love is only a pretty background. Since nothing can actually spoil this already spoiled product, here are a few of the samples of the level of atrocities the movie inflicts on you. (Well, spoilers ahead, if you will)

1. People of Agra and Mathura, if you feel offended by the movie, I totally understand. Yes, U.P. isn’t the most lawful or disciplined state, but the movie would have you believe that murders and abductions in broad daylight in public places are no less normal than a traffic jam in these small towns. When using real cities as backdrop, it is just pure bad taste.

2. Pintoo’s father is the Superintendent of police, and that too an upright and honest one. Still Pintoo is running away from him with the girl. Why?

3. What exactly is the stand of his father?

4. Pray, what was Deepti Naval doing in that ‘chal parantha banati hoon tere liye’ role?

5. The hero is stabbed, almost dies, then comes back to life and fights the villain. Yes, again.

6. Holi is Agra also means Holi in Delhi, or doesn’t it?

7. Out of close to 3 hours, a total of 45 minutes are just old-fashioned one hero against 10 villain dishum-dishum, as the heroine hides behind him.

8. The heroine. Well that list will be endless. Or just one word – Sonakshi.

Watch at your own risk.

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