City lights

The twinkling sparkling city lights
Spread around as a sea of illumination
I sit across the window trying to grasp
The stories behind each little spectacle
Some lost in their own chapters,
Some still awaiting culmination
But most of them
Flickering with the hope of salvation
Of their original spark
That got them here, propelled by dreams and pushed by fear
But mostly as unchallenged and blinded by history – unwritten tradition
Each spark, of a unique shine and color
Shone brighter and brighter
Rose higher and higher
To merge with this sea of illumination
In the mirage of building one’s own identification
An identity defined by chases and labels
Strengthened by exchanges and transactions
of merging with the whole
of assimilation and standardization
of following the pattern and joining the big sparkling sea of illumination
The stories, each brightened with their unique hues
Each of them gradually blending into the yellow
Their unique stories losing into countless others’
Creating the strong, fascinating glow of the city lights

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