The whole narrative and conversation around the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput is turning into another knee-jerk reaction of boycotting specific people and their work and deviating from the real issues to be addressed – that of mental health and bullying. Yes, Nepotism exists in Bollywood, but to be honest it’s a universal phenomenon which exists almost everywhere except where a job or opportunity is clearly allocated basis a defined process, which most of the organized, structured and good workplaces have. They also have a strong and institutionalized support against any kind of harassment or bullying. So, watching or not watching a Yashraj, Dharma or Salman Khan movie is completely an individual’s choice – any petition cannot stop them from making movies. As the largest production houses of the largest movie industry – they will make movies and those who have problem should not watch – but that will not solve the problem. So any discussion and effort should be directed towards ensuring there is a regulatory body* which cares for the ‘employees’ – which by nature of this industry are mostly contractual or freelancer; a forum for support where anyone who is facing bullying (of which boycott is also a form) can seek help; and which can ensure accountability of the decision makers and proper legal help and support in all professional relationships. And of course as a society we need to be much more sensitive towards mental health and helping those suffering with such challenges. Instead of vilifying specific people and wasting time and effort (a case has been filed against the Johars, Chopras and Khans for ‘murder’ of Sushant with Kangana as ‘witness’!) of authorities, if this outrage can be directed towards making radical changes to the way film industry – followed by all the sectors with less degree of organized employment, that will be the best way to honour the memory of Sushant Singh Rajput.
P.S. There are some bodies like the CINTAA, Producers guild of India but they hardly cover these aspects.

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