Before I take the plunge

Before I take the plunge

Along the edge of a beautiful shore I sit

And play around with anticipation and excitement

Of the mystery that lies ahead, of the palpable vibrations in each breath

On the side of an ocean of endless possibilities and unfathomable depth

A few steps before I crossover, from one side of lighted charades

To the other of serene and monochromic shades

With the apparent calmness of the surface

Broken intermittently by the incessant waves

Which try relentlessly, albeit less vehemently to cross over again

But are stopped by an invisible pull to be contained and content

Only the content never seems to lack in passion

A strange palette of poise, passion, rebel and subversion

What is it, that makes it an enchanting, an irresistible invite, I wonder

And a breeze just caresses my face with a sprinkle of the sea

And hints of your voice, your touch and your being

The waves calm down, return to the sea

The shores suddenly are more enticing

Can’t wait to take the plunge, to discover and dive

Let’s begin, together what they call is a beautiful life!


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