Once upon a time

In days of adolescence and thoughts so pure

Asked a question to myself, my version of yore

Who is she, the one of your dreams, the one for you?

A name, a picture or a thought out of the blue

The answer, it is here, through life and years

Through exploring myself and growing in layers


She is,

This painting of perfect colors

All my imaginations, dreams and fantasies

All my aspirations, hopes and necessities

Every little detail of my vivid desires

Rolled into one, and filled with ice and fires


She is,

The perfect poise to my chaos

The sonorous noise to my silences

The seamless rationale to my biases

An easy foil to my follies

A breezy cure to my pain

And an easy allure to a new world.

A world with her

That of unparalleled addiction, of reality and imagination

Of being with her, of feeling her touch

On my body and my soul

Of being with her, in parts and in whole


She is,

An imagination blending into reality

Off late, a clear picture of thoughts with a name

A voice, an opinion, a being and a face so pretty

Like the dawn of a morning with drops of dew

I think of all this, and love sprouts out of the blue

She is, need I say, my own precious You.



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