Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 : Double the bias, double the fun – This one ups the ante!

* * * 1/2


The best works of art are those which make no pretension of being impartial and free of bias. Hence, label this movie (like its predecessor) misogynistic but the makers open their line of attack with a full throttle and boy, they score again and how!  You may agree or disagree with the view, but the credit (or a well-intended blame) lies in how convincingly, and of-course entertainingly they manage to present it on celluloid. That’s precisely where the original succeeded, and became a cult classic with time. The good news is, the sequel (though it could have been called a remake as well!) despite following the set template and caricatures of the original, is equally hilarious and identifiable! The feminists, and a majority of the fairer sex might get heavily offended, but as they say, why should girls have all the fun? So, this one could be a version of the male kitty party, where (pardon the crassness) the ‘dogs’ get to bitch! The purists might argue that the real life women are not as contriving or manipulating, and they won’t be wrong. But then, this movie is a boys’ party – where they all are sure to relate to a few sequences and sufferings. Even the women might, reluctantly, identify more than once with the behaviour on display by the girls. That the women in the movie are entirely made up of those fallacies is indeed a flaw of the script, but the makers being clear in their intention, can’t really be judged for that. Infact so convincing is the story, that at no point you feel hatred for the girls, since none of the things girls do seem outlandish or unheard or unseen of, only an exaggeration and amalgamation of all the female traits you might have come across.

The actors do a fairly good job and you instantly believe in their world. The girls in particular, despite having heavily stereotyped roles, prevent their characters from being annoying caricatures. With the ground already established in the original, the movie takes time to explore some urbane concepts of modern relationships in detail – money splitting, the girl having a male best-friend and ofcourse the troubles of social media ‘updates’. All these concepts take the movie a few notches up from the previous, in terms of detailing. The technical aspects of the movie are good, making it look classy and chic. The songs are few, thankfully, and the much acclaimed monologue of the prequel is repeated with a longer air time, though it does seem a bit stretched.The hilarious spoof of the anti-smoking ad before the interval, or the hooking up of the 3 couples.are some sequences which show the skilled touch of the director.

If you are a guy, chances are pretty high you will love this (though the ‘bribe’ might not let you admit that), and if you are a girl, you’ll love to hate this one. Definitely a one-up on its prequel, this one is a must watch.

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