Like a flowing river


Like a flowing river
Peaceful, serene, soothing and calm
On your sides, I breathe easy
By your sides, I drop the yards of pretension
Shed my masks of belief
In your closeness, I let go off the noise
Of surroundings and insides
The sounds made in the silence
You, an absorber of them
You, the dilution of intensity
The intensity of mildness
The direction to lost thoughts
In your flow, lies a poise, a balance
Like a gentle melody Of the flowing waters
Moving ahead, with the traces of times,
Some carried along, some left behind
The sound of peace, of relief, of moving
With your own pace, in your own world
A flowing river, a gentle melody.
Like a beautiful painting
Quite, vulnerable, delicate, beautiful
Bearing the prints of the past
Blemished, tampered, Yet pure, yet true
Meddled with life, deepened by sorrow
Like a pensive mood

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