Floundering through the clouds of emotions

My worlds, my hopes, my cravings

Emotions, myriad as myths

Breathing life in to my thoughts, or

Turning them into a turmoil,

Myriad as myths, uncountable, unflinching, flowing- thoughts

Storming through the constant of breath

To the upheaval of a gasp, the fury of a storm, unruliness of  chaos

In the stillness of loss, in the silence of melancholy, in the emptiness of pain,

Thoughts, lost across times, wandering across ages, travelling through tenses,

Dwindling around possibilities, circling around irrationality

From a universe parallel to sanity,

Her thoughts…

Myriad as myths, from absurdities to realities

From fiction to dreams, emotions to numbness, thoughts

Of starry nights, of lighted eyes

Of flowing winds and untainted laughs

Unadulterated, pure, knowing it all, yet naïve

Of cold winds and high noon

Serene Fields and desperate waves

Eventful as life, her myriad moods

Sweet joy to unflinching anger

Pleasant rain to morbid clouds

Poignant notes to violating nodes

Her myriad moods…

The infectious joy, the unmistakable glare

The alluring glints of that stare

Life of their own they live

The two of them, expressive, emotive, enlightened, dancing, disarming,

and windows to limitless thoughts…

Myriad as myth, Her thoughts…

Dissolved in mischief, the lingering melody

Of her voice, of the laugh, of her being

Rhythm of footsteps, the beats in the walk

Sonorous sound of hers, Drawing me, owning me,

Myriad thoughts, Her thoughts, thoughts of Her

Shaping me, guiding me,

A lost cause or a symphony of contrasts

My guiding light or blinding sparks

Tunnel end’s light or an endless pursuit

Myriad as myths

Her thoughts, Thoughts of Her

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