Might be mute for some

Darkness, might be black for some,


Solitude, might be loneliness for some,

But, for those who dream,

and for those who feel,

insides of them, and beyond the realm,

Through silences rings the loudest voice

In darkness thrive subtlety  and poise

and in solitude lies a world so vast,

Of ,

future, ages, present and past

Of dwells and thoughts that forever last,

Characters, stories, poetry and prose,

Of those you lost, yet stay so close…

The mob of thoughts struggling for shape,

but hiding there, behind those drapes

fighting to break the chains of norms

bounds of conventions and shackles of form…

To lose oneself in the wonderland

of forests deep and endless sands

of a world that defies boundaries and lines

In such moods, the soul craves and the heart pines…



….to reach out to the world which moves in crowd

where silences go unheard, and echo the sounds loud,

where twilight and dawn cease to exist

a press of the switch, and  light persists,

Where rule groups uproar and blurts,

what do they do, the introverts? 

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