Shifting Shapes…

Air and sand

Sand and air

What else is life

But a palette to display thy flair

To pull some strings, to form new layers

To give a new shape, to bring new players

Like the shifting shapes in sand

Thou mould our lives, sometimes pleasing

sometimes bland.


The roads of rose or thorns’ paving

The whims and fantasies and the cravings

Which of these is forever?

Is there a writing sans an eraser?

Little do we know less can we say

Listen to the sand if you may

A blow of sand, a stroke of hand

Is all it takes to mar the planned

Every moment lives on its own

The very next could be when the wind is blown

What are winds…but the hands of thou

A moment of fire, a moment of thirst

The winds strike and the clouds burst

Such is life…such is the lord

Teachings of the sand, if strike a chord

What is anxiety what is fear?

Trust thy master trust his hands

When all is momentary 

Then why be sad and why shed a tear?


Shifting Shapes..Changing Lives

Uncertainty is all it implies

Distrust or doubt you never must

As God is fair and He is just

In times of heat and paths too narrow

He broadens the way and blesses with shadow

For all his arts and playful zests

He alone knows what is the best

The real rules lie behind the drapes

And all we see are Shifting shapes!

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