I feel for you baby, I want you like crazy

Of all the names it maybe, I doubt if one is love!

Storm in my thoughts, you choke in my mind,

Still it can’t be that, for it’s just not of that kind!

Desire of you closer, electric and so much,

The feel and the pleasure, you cause with that one touch!

Dark, wild, unruly the threads of your curls

Rope me, O tie me, for they make me go swirl…

Wide and penetrating, the mystery of a stare

You pull me with those eyes, and mine go there,

To those luscious and tender, tempting as they flip

Making me desire, and kiss, oh your lips!

Smooth as they make me, slip on your charms

Cage me, embrace me, oh tight in those arms.

The heave of your bosom, the sway of your hips

The ecstatic curvaceous world as it dips,

In the void that fills for what mine yearns …

The desire, the heat, all as it drips,

That fire, that passion, a name if I must

Love it doesn’t seem like, it some good ol’ Lust!

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