I Want…

I just want to be Right

That’s my only desire

Is it too utopian a sight?

Or are we the puppets of Satan?


I only want to be Just

Sans the ridicule of being gullible

Sad, the fetters of crime and lust

Or are we the captives of devil?


I want not to be Rude

Amidst the flares of angst

And emotions so crude

Or are we the paragons of anger?


I want to be Fearless

With other lives threaded to mine

Is it leisurely to have a spine?

Or are we the fabricators of excuses?


I want to be just Me

Alas! The imperfections the infirmity

The masks of vanity

The cause of keeping the threads entire

The hoards of multiple and fake attire

How can I be just me

And tread the path of ol’ good morality

When my world and its threads

Pull me to the bound infinity

Where rule greed and deception spree

Tell me, how can I forget my frailty

And just be Me..


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