How are you ?

The other day

After an eternity, or was it a June and a may?

Like a long lost drop of stale dew

Came her message, out of the blue

The words were simple and O-so-few

… How are you?


Staring at the words do dark and clear

The music of raindrops I could hear

From the days when me and her were there

Which today I don’t know was exactly where

When she were what I saw everywhere

Confessions she had of her own share

Yet when I said it guess it wasn’t fair


She hadn’t looked at me that way

And her heart rested somewhere far away

Then what for those glimpses and times at day

When I was the one come what problem may

And with me in bright sun or clouds grey

Then things she said would never say

I could never forget, are here to stay.


Of selfishness, and calculating

Misinterpretation and self pleading

Of childishness and inappropriating

She seemed to know me pretty well

Hiding it all in the heart of a shell

But why would she ask if already knew

Oh so very well, How are you ?

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