Before I Met You…

Before I met you..

I never believed ..never understood..

How two different people with different mood..

Could be with each other forever…

What was love…

I could not decipher .

What is being near..yet craving..

How feelings are not always true to saying..

That love is actually mostly pain..

Gives severe losses for each gain.


Before I met you..

I did not believe that true love existed

For a while ,though my heart persisted..

I refused to believe , chose to detest ..

But after a hundred nights of unrest ..

And a thousand days of restlessness

It did occur to me..

Could it be the feeling..which is the sacredness?


Before I met you…

I had never felt such a pain..

Yet I want to talk to you..and see you again…and again..

I’d never know how did it sprout..

But you are all and everything I can think about..

If it wasn’t for you ..I’d never have known..

The wait..the desire..the yearning,the extent to which they’ve grown


Before I met you..

I had never believed ..there could be someone..

Who could be my everyone..

Never realized when this feeling grew..

But today..i’m compelled to say..

You’re the only one..and I love you…

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